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hello everybody i'm alfred and this business news updates now i'd like to um tell some of you you know and address this issue you know recently fox just bought tmz you know it goes without saying how fun it is a lot of people don't know certain things you know uh previously you know disney bought fox and it shows you how a few people control so many the whole media is controlled by so few when you do your research about a lot of the companies for example there are people who buy apple and you know they are in this world apple versus microsoft but bill gates has been a shareholder a major shareholder of apple for years and now that you know steve jobs ideology before he passed was you know um somewhat communist leaning and you know i think he owned only one one percentage of sure he so decreased his presentation i don't know what now his um children how just like the disney company you know the descendants of walt disney are not billionaires are not the majority shareholders in disney and um it's not like they shifted their world to something else but this is something that i tell people you know there are a lot of people who want to say you know tax to rich you know they think that it is just and this side this is this side but i've emphasized that there is no body on this earth that is first generation wealth there is nobody that was part of the one percent their first generation i think their great-great-grandfather was first was part of the one percent their great-great-grandfather was part of the one percent their great-grandfather was part of the one person their grandfather was part of the one person their father was part of the one percent and now they are part of the one person it is not it has never happened you know and this something has not reached it has not reached four generations the one that has gotten to that when is when it comes to the rothschild family but when we leave the rothschild family out of the equation what always happens is that the morning either goes away you know you may spend all your time amassing money but when you pass on you don't know what your children are going to do and even if you train your children you know times change and there's still so many things what are your grandchildren going to be like you know so something always happens either the money is too long you know but normally it is gambling women divorce you know it that is a big money killer when people get a divorce that it destroys them financially then you know they they either give away the money or taxes or you know there is some sort of revolution that affects most of your wealth or all of it you know because there will always be people you know who will

be thieves and in politics you know so there is always something but there is nobody that has lasted four generations apart from the rothschild family the rockefeller family does not even fall into this category of where they were all one percent you can say that some of them you know one was you know um part of the one percent then they fell and but they were still comfortable but later something happened to one of one of the children did something and then the rules again and then the but there's nobody that has maintained it for four generations four generations is not even too much because everybody on this earth has been you know your bloodline is many many many many many generations many generations know but nobody has lasted four generations apart from the russia you know family you know and and that is just the facts you know and of course there are a lot of people who are born when they are born with a lot of money they have that present to just give it away they give away much you know and you know that that that a lot of times is one majority factor you know not to mention that there are people who it is their business to look for rich people to ask them to give to their charity organization not even including you know talking about stock brokers and investors and you know people who will make um such people who have money lose their money by investing in things that's you know turn out to be crap at the end of the day you know but all of that being said you know

it's very important that you understand this game that is being played when it comes to media only few control swimming a few companies you know uh and it is dangerous because now we are we are looking at the time where some people are trying to consolidate all the wealth you know and that is true and interestingly the people that are doing it at the new world other folks and the people who are using socialism to dreams because what socialism does is that it creates inequality like never before because it strips ability right now the so-called inequality is a result of different inputs therefore there are different outputs first of all everybody does not start at the same level but that's a given let's say you're a female and you are good looking that puts you in a different bracket from somebody who has the same amount of money that that you have even if let us assume that your brain capacity is the same your beauty puts you in a different um position when it comes to advantages now let us look at men you know there are so many different factors including intelligence like there's someone i knew in um in school back in the day you know where you know she can look at the book and just flip through the book and anything you ask her about what is in that book she will give you the answer now that is an extraordinary use of the mind just like there are some people who have trained their mind and they are able to look at a a mathematical equation a calculus equation a very complex one they don't they don't need pen or paper they just look at it they solve it in their head in a few seconds and tell you the answer and after you go through the calculations yourself you come and see that yes they got the right answer

now that is inequality of ability that people were born with look at michael jordan you okay let's say you believe that you say yes michael jordan is talented and then everything is talented what about others who are not talented you see what about others who do not have talents you see so you cannot expect um the outcome to be the same the input is is not the same and the ability is not the same nobody is equal we don't have the same footprints the same fingerprints you know so you cannot expect um us to be on the same level but you know with socialism what is going to be created is a world where some people will rule over the field and make sure that everybody else's output is equal but they have all the power because they can take away from anybody everything that they have because that is what they have been given by socialism and this is actually the um the move the people are pushing for it are those who are who have a strong grasp on political power and so they do not want people who are business power or other forms of power to stifle them and they also have their vision for the world and they want to basically feel like they are gods and do whatever they want to the world and that is what those who push socialism are doing so in a socialist world you know the thing is be at the head of the food chain and be maintaining the equality of other people's outputs then you will not just be the king you will be the god of that word but all of that being said you know fox buying up

cmz a lot of people would think that and how does this make sense you know fox's fox they claim it is conservative you know some people on left thinks is conservancy but it is not conservative at all it is just a business that is looking at analytics you know and that's you know um many people who work there are friends behind the scenes with those from cnn and msnbc they are probably even in bed together as in literally you know some of the people in fox you know so this is something that you have to understand they bought tmz which is completely leftist what i want to point out is that why don't we christians you know with all the money that we christians are collecting entities and offerings we should be the ones making these kinds of purchases cmz was acquired by a a a network that their principle seems to be claimed to be against you know and it was for less than 50 million and that is you know it has not yet been confirmed but that is what is being said what is 50 million there are many people whose homes are 50 million and you know over that 50 million dollars is not money for a company like tmz it is not um um it isn't i mean what is 50 million dollars it is not money but you see with christians we need to be the ones that buy up and and see that these things are possible we can buy up disney if all the christians put aside you know there are billions and millions of christians all around the world we put aside the 10 percent you know our tithes use it to lobby politicians make sure that the politicians that are in power work for the good of the church give um churches and benefits look out for the church protect the church you know look at afghanistan and how many christians have already been killed in afghanistan since biden decided to intentionally sponsor terrorism in front of everybody's face you know look at

the entire situation all the problems that could be um prevented if we have the influence of our policies that other groups have that the lgbt have that like the blm have and all these other groups you know but even organizations like the uh the united nations like the world economic forum the world economic forum is just an um it's a big boys club a club for for wealthy people over billion years who have decided now that they can be dictating to the world what direction the world is going to go and giving politicians advice and telling them what to do and when these politicians have returned to their country they will pose everybody and they know that they have the backing of these people and you know the weapons and missionary so they are not even listening to whatever politics whatever is being voted for in their own country they are listening to the u.n and the world economic forum and the g8 and all these crazy summits you know some african leaders are not wise enough to break free from that system of slavery but in any case we christians we must do this you know with all the money that we have you know we can put aside as a matter of fact turn it into a business structure if you are worried about oh that if i give away 10 percent what should i have left let it be and let us have organizations that swallow up apple swallow up google so we can protect the gospel look at how christianity is censored on the internet look how conservative is censored on the internet but lgbt and all that transgender regime lack of common sense has been promoted now you know there are politicians who are facing backlash for saying that um only women can can give back to children you know that there's a there's a position that said only we may have civics you know and i i believe it's in uk you know she's now facing all kinds of um um backlash and it's like you know the the leader of our political party does not want to associate himself with her anymore all kinds of things

if christians were in positions of authority if we had put our ideology if you you have to understand that what is happening now is a break it's not just a breakdown of society but it is a result of the extraction of judeo-christian values the world is no longer running on the engine of judeo-christian values because christianity has been for years attacks and christians have kept quiet so now what are the values that are to hold up the world it is now walkism all the work concepts and work ideologies that is what is now coming up and it's not making sense and it's dividing people and destroying everything

all the money that we have we can start corporations that will buy up you know create the apples let us let's look at let us look at something very simple how can we destroy apple and microsoft and all of that the people who work there are human beings who use their brains right many of them would soon pass on some of them will soon die because of food ish but where do these people come from schools these what keeps apple going is not apple but it is this student the intelligence of mankind the smart students that we feel and create new things because all the inventions of apple right now will be outdated soon as a matter of fact all they are doing now is creating phones with bigger cameras and more cameras there is no true innovation when it comes to apple since steve jobs did that but that being said we can create just channel the smart students in our direction towards our company and what we have is a future where we are the ones coming up with every single innovation it is our company and they are doing our building they are pushing for territory as censoring and cutting off all this worldly and all these crazy rhetorics that will lead to the destruction of mankind we have no choice in the mata and that is one vision i want to say that i want to do with alfred and friends you know and those different companies that will be around the entire you know alfred investors club you know so that being said um reach out to us on or you could check out investor alfredo's vip you know you'll find the links sure as you know it's important that perhaps you invest perhaps you have ideas you know we can work together you want to unite your company with our own you know you want a partnership let us do it you know because there's much ground to cover if we don't do it nobody else will do it and the world will suffer and they will keep on going in darkness and be looking for all the wrong um solutions

instead of addressing the problem by bringing for the right solution which is christ which is jesus which is the gospel you know for the gospel is the true solution it is the answer just as the answer for the world today and every day without him there is no that jesus is the way so thank you and God bless you


- Fox Buys TMZ From AT&T's WarnerMedia For Roughly $50 Million:

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