How We Can Start Our League That Beats The NBA Using The Harlem Globe Trotters & Big 3 Model Strategically Then Moving Onwards : by Alfred


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- Christian Sports exhibition game to launch a Christian Sports league. 

- Also in the fashion of Celebrity games; pay Professional Celebrity Athletes, Regular Celebrities, people the public would like to see or vote for to be in these games. 

- Get sponsorship from Christian businesses. 

- Open the floor for investors from the Christian public.


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hello everybody i'm alfred and this is your sports news updates now the harlem globetrotters which is basically a legendary basketball exhibition group you know it is something that i've always wondered about and i've always thought about them being illegal you know why did they never become a league and just like they and one you know and one seemed to follow this model even though it was completely different and it was completely you know it was street ball it was rowdy and thanks to espn you know those were the days of cable way before the internets you know and one gathered a huge following and there are still people like me who still like and one and one is um a legendary map when it comes to um basketball the world of basketball but now it has been reduced to just being a clothing and footwear company you know an athletic creating a footwear company that focuses on just um basketball gear which is sad you know and i would say that a lot of that has to do with management you know if it was done right what ice cube is doing with big tree could have and should have been done with and run a long time ago and with a different group of people a different demographic you know people who do not fall into the category of um all the requirements that it takes to make the nba draft anna young you know the big shoe of ice cube focuses on a completely different demographic there are people who have been in the mba who have retired so they are their prime is up however they still can play and there's two people who follow them and still want to you know watch their game and enjoy their game but guess what the nba has already drained out their best years from there so the big tree can never be bigger than the nba based on that model but the end one is something else because the and one also changed the way basketball was played it focused on playground style basketball it was all about tricks and of course you know how long globetrotters you know a lot of people say it's scripted basketball but those guys are super talented and it's very entertaining it's kind of like a basketball circles you know but then again it's an exhibition game you know that they play and they travel all around the world they are legendary they have been doing it for a long time way before and one you know way before a lot of different leagues you know so they are legendary you know unfortunately um and as much as they are they have not become a league they are they are recently having a spread game talk you know which they according to them they put it on their website that it is an experience like no other ball spinning that defines gravity innovative dunks and new unquote characters guaranteed to energize the action and bring their lives get ready for full court unquote fund for the whole family that is another thing it is just fun you know it is and it's family friendly so um it's a great thing you know and it also pushes harlem because it also has halem in their name but that being said we as christians you know we can use this kind of thing to start our own league basically to eventually have not just basketball leagues like our own mba that will swallow up the mba that will end up being bigger than the nba people who want to play for the nba so we want to play for our league not the mba or the dublin be you know especially since all these organizations are going work you know and we can have our own sports you know female sport meal sports you know all this we can do it even the um mixed martial arts stuff that ufc does you know we can do all of that and you know the idea of you know christians sports you know being promoted you know a league starting starting off as based on exhibition games you know so like an exhibition wrestling match an exhibition mixed martial arts um competition you know and it's traveling you know taking it to different cities like at all and then it's getting popular or like an exhibition basketball game an exhibition soccer or tennis you know renting areas getting people parts you know and when the trust um supports it you know other people come you know people are going to come from everywhere and this is going to be a christian thing that yes they are playing basketball and all of that or they are playing whatever sports but there is some preaching there is there is music ministration gospel music administration and then there is altar calls given you now also follow up systems so people give their lives to christ even for people who just attend flock systems to get them planted into a church that is what billy graham did when he was going about america and different parts of the world you know holding crusades in stadiums he was linking up with different churches and he was sending most of those people who gave their life to christ and were giving you know free bibles and all you know they're also sent to set to different churches so that is also um a good thing that we can do to expand christianity so understand that in addition to the great commission that we have to preach this gospel and of course we are saving lives because if these people don't receive the gospel they will end up for attendance in hell that is that is that is huge for someone to you know it is bad enough for someone to spend 10 years in prison it's bad enough for someone to spend 50 years in prison you now come out you not see as at the age of somebody's great-grandpa you know if if they don't die in prison but for someone to be in eternity not in prison nothing not in this man's prison that's you know um it is paradise compared to hell you know super duper proud as compared to health imagine internet and health this is where these people are going if we do not save them if you don't lead them to christ but not bring them to the cross because you understand all i've seen have come short of the glory of god and jesus paid the price so if they do not link themselves up with jesus and jesus take care of the bill of their sins they are going to hell so we are saving them so we need to do these kinds of things and every other thing to reach people and get these people to come to christ you know understand also that as a matter of self-preservation because if christianity does not go in go out and expand there will be a persecution if there is not a wave of of preaching the gospel people pray for revival no no no all that prayer for for reviver no no no god has given me an instruction god did not say go and pray for revival

he said when the spirit is coming upon you go you know actually a time shall receive power after that the holy ghost is come upon you and you shall be weaknesses unto me today in samara and onto the utmost part of the earth the holy crate has come so that is the indication that now go out it's not for you to um wait for reviver the holy spirit is if there's a revival you know if you are that's what you are trying to connotate from that word it comes when the holy spirit has come which he did in the upper room so whether or not you have the holy spirit or not the it is already on so you have to you receive the holy spirit you know all you have to do is accept then receive by faith time you know he says god is not going to hold back the holy spirit from you if you have you know come to if you have given your life to him you know if you want to live for him so when you've you've done that you said salvation prayer you pray your ass for the holy spirit you know that's that's you get the holy spirit and you move you know if there's no wave pushing the gospel out there is going to be a wave pushing the gospel in a wave of persecution pushing christians in pushing christians to that point where we finally end up in concentration camps or killed which is what the bible tells us and we can see little signs of that everywhere the spirit of antichrist has always been in the world you know as you obviously get what's when the man of sin himself is revealed but um we will not be here for that because the rapture would have already happened so you know i plan to be out with the first flight i'm not waiting around you know don't plan to wait around all these show winning that you must do all that you must do for jesus all that god has entrusted you to do do it now don't wait you know so um that being said as a matter of self preservation you know remember what i said about the waves you know if you do not push out the gospel you know if there's no strong way of pushing out the gospel to influence society to influence culture there'll be a wave in cultural society pushing back against christians which we have seen with the lgbt and with all the hatred for christianity look at all the churches that have been bound in canada nobody has gone to jail for any of those churches that have been born in canada just within the spawn of a few months and this kind of persecution rises but you know imagine if um somebody says something about a muslim in spite of the fact that another muslim somewhere else you know he's um using the the name of or the islamic you know belief and religion to do all kinds of atrocities and to blow himself up you know in spite of that the world will protect muslims and say islamophobia but there is no such nastophobia there is no such thing as christian phobia it is okay to persecute christians it is okay to abuse and oppress christians because the christian has to be living and also now they have shift they have added white people in tweets and the white man the straight white man you know all this you know um is very intentional so if we do not even even if for some reason the love of god is not in your heart that you do not feel sorry for these people you've not even loved god enough for for you to obey god think about the self preservation aspect of it you know so on every account of course it should not be the self preservation aspect that should be your inspiration or your motivation you know it should be the love and the fact that god has instructed you to do this you know the great commission so we must push it out you know so that being said you know the league is something that you know we can do where um also in the fashion of celebrity games you know we can pay celebrity athletes you know from different leagues you can we can also pre pay regular celebrities you know perhaps movie stars actors you know even some who may not be born again you know the point is that we are bringing in people for them to be drawn for them to come and for them to hear the gospel if in the process we win the celebrity also yes but it's a way of engaging the world and under our roof and doing it in a way that they are pushing for their message right now the lgbt is using a lot of celebrities even celebrities in hollywood who do not subscribe to the lgbt or leftist um ideology they have built a roof where all the celebrities have to push for the same rhetoric the same political party the same belief the same direction oh do this do that and it has created a a cocoon of you know people thinking that everybody writes at the bottom of their hearts feel the same way about all these issues in hollywood but that is not so some people are using it because it's like you know this is how i have to belong so we can create that kind of scenario you know with christianity and christian beliefs also where people feel like they have to align themselves with christian beliefs to be accepted you know that is also a strategy of course that is not going to get the people who do that into heaven it is only when it is sincere that you know that they are actually going to have a bet we can do this you know we use regular celebrity athletes you know who are from whatever leagues you know because eventually we want to get these people to also join our leagues permanently you know we can also get sponsorships from christian businesses it's important that we do it from christian business or christian owned businesses and we do not focus on promoting businesses like coca-cola and apple and google who will our facebook who will now fight against christianity and push crtc you know critical risk theory and all kinds of nonsense we must have christian businesses that that uh you know promoted and as the one sponsoring it we should also open the floor for everyday investors among the christian public you know we can we'll have to do it in a way that it is going to be mainly for christians you know also contact churches you know so that churches can have some investment and stick in this so they can have some funding you know the the the pattern of trust is being funded just by asking for offering is not wise it is also good for you just to own shares you know even if it is going to be gifted by us you know but or they buy you know let them own shares in businesses that get money and that's where they can save people and help more people during times of disasters you know so that is right and that is just common sense now um my company alfred and france you know reach out to us because we are going to move on it whether now or later you know there is something that we are going to do you know we have to do this and you know the sooner the better you know reach out to us you know also check out invest.alfred.gip you know so keep up to date with what we are doing and what we are planning you know so we are going to do this we are going to create our own leagues in different parts of the world you know we'll start with exhibition guess i know great and great until it is bigger until we have our own thing that is bigger than the olympics bigger than the pga tour bigger than all the different um sporting events that the world has and will swallow up their sporting events and perhaps even buy up their um competitions and their companies that brings say check out for more or you'll find all the links at alfredo's vip also if you're not giving your life to christ click the salvation prayer link in the main menu of alfred vip God bless you



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