Investment Packages: For Christian Entertainment Products


Investment Packages: For Christian Entertainment Products

I learnt a very important lesson about Honesty in business the hard way. The truth always comes out eventually, so I'll keep it a hundred percent with you with about where we're at now and how we intend to get to where we're going.

It's better I lose points now in your eyes and gain points as I grow, rather than win points today pretending to be what I'm not and painting things not as they are then losing points and all your respect in the future as you realize things are not as I painted them to be.


🌱 It's all based on contractual agreements.

🌱 Prices change based on cost changes in the marketplace and the current prices of professional services in the country the movie, video game, etc is made.

🌱 By financing projects you are legally entitled to the agreed upon percentage of the revenue the project generates, and in some cases you are entitled to ownership rights as well.

🌱 If you only provide something less than the price required for full financing of a project; like giving only $40 to finance a movie that would cost $2 million to make; then like how shares or percentage equity ownership of a private business works, you now own a $40 stake out of the $2 million dollars required to make the movie. Kinda like 40 shares out of the required shares to make the movie. And that would decide how much dividend from the revenue you would be getting successively. 

Note you can always buy more shares and get a larger stake.  

When the $2 million mark is hit; movie production starts or continues and the more money invested in the movie package goes towards accuring money for a new movie.

🌱 Sometimes you're just paying us to gather professionals from everywhere (both freelance & outsourcing the services of multiple companies) to put together a project that our Investors would own and profit from forever.

🌱 For all packages, you get a signed contract. Keep the proof of payment (picture or video screenshots, emails, or payment processor receipts) and the proof of the contract with you. 

⭐ Comics:

To finance a 22 page comic: $500

You get 50% of all proceeds for life.

You can buy out our percentage of ownership and proceeds in the future 

You can decide what is made; create your own series idea but that would cost $600 more of initial financing.

⭐ Music: 

To finance a music single: $500

To finance a music video: $10,000 

You get proceeds from streaming and digital sales for life.  

⭐ Music Events:

To finance a concert or a music tour: Starting at $50,000 (price costs of music tours will always vary)

You get proceeds from Ticket Sales, select merch sold at the event, as well as get to advertise a business or company of your choice that are not aligned with the LGBT movement or any Anti - Christian movement.

⭐ Movies

To finance a movie: Starting at $2 million 

You get 50% of all proceeds.

⭐ Video Games

To finance a mini HTML5 game prices start at $800

For a full cross platform game available on PC and consoles; prices start at $2 million

You get 50% of all revenue forever.

⭐ Cartoons 

To finance a short 10 minutes cartoon $2500

To finance a full season of a cartoon series with 21 episodes: $2,500,000

⭐ Children's Books

To finance a children's book: $200

You get 50% of proceeds forever.

⭐ Novels

To finance a novel: $5000

You get 50% of all revenue forever

⭐ Short Story Anthologies 

To finance a collection with 10 stories: $15,000 

You get 50% of all revenue forever 


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